You’re getting married! It’s time to feel like a bride, destress, get excited and have some fun!
My online affordable monthly bridal membership, a new way to plan your journey to the aisle. I am so excited to personally
invite you to join my private wedding community!

After supporting couples for over 10 years, I really do understand your pressure and desire to do everything just right.

Your Pinterest board is perfectly planned, you’ve got your eyes set on that dream dress and now it hits…


It’s time to make it happen and there’s suddenly a lot more to consider and remember!

How much does your wedding even cost? You’ve stalked hundreds of photographers online, you’re in love with 5 venues and I’m sure you don’t even want to start worrying about how to bring those Pinterest images to life!

Even at the ‘I think I’m done stage’ ideas keep popping into your head, midnight questions you just don’t know the answer to, and in reality you just want to be a Bride, get crafty and go to cake tasting sessions!

Wedding planners are expensive and everyone seems to have a different opinion on how you should plan YOUR day!


Hi, I’m Laura Beth, and if we haven’t met before, I promise I am here to help.

You're simply experiencing wedding overwhelm!

A confusing mix of anticipation, too many options & the unknown. But I honestly believe, this isn't your only option.

We have help!

With a decade of experience and over 300 events I know how you feel. I was there in my first few too. It took me months to plan my first wedding for a client. I panicked I would forget something and exhausted myself taking it all on board. Thankfully, 10 years later I’ve seen a lot.

I’ve learnt this world from the ground up and now I want to ensure you, as a Bride get to enjoy the process, and jump a few of those tough steps I had to take!


I have so many secrets I can’t wait to share with you!

Are you ready to explore?


‘Not what I expected but so much better’ 2020 Member 

‘I absolutely love our little wedding community!’ 2020 Member 

What's do I get?!

Your monthly membership group and community

A space to relax, have fun, talk all about your wedding and learn all the insider secrets, with me Laura Beth, guiding and supporting you through all those decisions.

  • Helpful new content uploaded each week
  • Live virtual group sessions on all your wedding essentials
  • Access to the entire back catalogue of uploaded videos
  • PDF prompt sheets to keep handy throughout planning
  • Admission to our private membership community

Expect to cover areas such as:

  • How much things cost from Flowers to Photographers
  • Simple steps to creating Pinterest worthy décor
  • My secret steps to successfully getting started with wedding planning
  • And so much more growing each week

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Let's talk cost

  • £2500 – to hire me as your full in person wedding planner
  • On average that’s over £200 per month!

But for those invited to the membership I want to give you access to my brain, experience and knowledge for a fraction of that price! Provide you with a community, give you the space to enjoy wedding planning and virtually support you throughout your wedding planning journey.

  • We’re offering all this for just £16.99 (plus VAT) per month!! 
  • That’s a whole year of planning support for around £200!! 

Come and join me for a month or your entire planning journey for less than the cost of lunch out once a month.

At that price why wait, it's risk free!

Jump on in for just a month to see what its all about, save your seat at our next session together

I really can’t wait to meet you & start making those wedding dreams a reality!
Once you arrive, drop me a message, tell me about your plans and ideas. How can I support you?

A few questions we've been asked

Can we see more before joining?

Sign up for my free training session below to get a sneak preview into what to expect in the membership.

It is just for Brides at the very beginning of wedding planning?

Absolutely not! I cover topics for all aspects of planning from right at the very beginning to the wedding day itself. In fact, if you have already started planning its the perfect place to double check you do have everything covered!

Will I get to meet other Brides?

Yes! The membership is all about community. Sharing ideas and support is such an important part of what we do. We even have a new feature -a private members only Facebook community for you to connect with each other.

How do I access the membership?

The membership lives on a site called Patreon. If you’ve never heard of it before don’t worry. Its super simple to use and even has an app you can download to access the content on the go. Although we have a private Facebook group for the members, I didn’t want to add in another full membership group you had to keep hunting for in your notifications. All the content sits on its own. We are all about relaxation and destressing, no pings and buzzes from a million Facebook notification I promise!

Want to test it out before committing?

Next week I'll be launching a free taster session. Sign up to receive when it unlocks! (if you are already on our mailing list from the free download, no need to re sign, it will be sent straight to your inbox once it is unlocked!)

But if you’d rather jump straight in you are very much welcome (and I don't blame you for being that excited either!) I look forward to chatting all about your wedding and and having you there at our very first session of many together. With Love Laura Beth x