You’re getting married! It’s time to feel like a bride, destress, get excited and have some fun!
The first of it's kind, affordable monthly bridal membership, to plan your journey to the aisle from the comfort of your home without the usual high fees is here!
I am so excited to personally invite you to join my private wedding community

Congratulations! You’re engaged AND you’ve found a little secret! 


After a decade in this industry I noticed there was this huge gap for the modern Bride.

Planners are charging £1000s and the internet is overrun with free wedding advice.

There had to be some simple meet in the middle option to meet the needs of the busy but organised Bride! 

The same experienced professional wedding advice & support but presented to a mid sized group to avoid the 1-2-1 costly fees. Where the couple gets to do everything on their terms, but has the back up of a professional to learn from and ask questions.

Hi, I’m Laura Beth and welcome to Bride Club. 


Most people think I must be mad doing my job. Planning 1 wedding and having a life is hard enough – how do I manage 20+ clients a year!

The answer is simple. Weddings aren’t that hard! 

No matter how untraditional, unique or personal a wedding is (and these are all important things for a Bride club girl to want!), every single one follows a basic list and the same set of templates.

I feel like I have cracked some big code! And in Bride Club I get to share all of this with you. 

Join the Bride Club and let me show you

  • How to plan your dream wedding with ease
  • Avoid information overwhelm
  • Cut the confusion and give you a simple plan ahead
  • Dedicate time each week to BE THE BRIDE even when planning feels a little flat
  • All without breaking the bank

'I'm genuinely impressed by the amount of content in the bride club, and I hope you know how appreciated it is by all of us working through the covid wedding blues <3' Ashton, Bride Club member 2020

So much content and continuing to grow each week!

A private monthly membership community with me, your professional Bride Coach showing you the way every step of the journey.

A space to relax, have fun, talk all about your wedding and learn all the insider secrets

Areas we’ll cover: 


  • How much things cost from Flowers to Photographers
  • Where to splurge and where to save


  • The little touches that have the biggest impact
  • Simple steps to designing your décor


  • My secret steps to successfully getting started with wedding planning
  • How to organise your ideas and throw your dream wedding

What to Expect: 

New content uploaded each week PLUS access to all previous uploaded video

My signature wedding planning PDFs

Weekly live calls with me and the community

Access to our private community to ask questions, share ideas & gain practical inspiration

Join the bride community and gain instant access to binge watch hours of wedding content before our next live session!

A fraction of the price of a wedding planner

With so much information and personal attention and hours of work, rightly so professional wedding planners start from £3000+


Here at Bride Club I do things a little differently and this way saves £££ on the budget! 

Instead of thousands, Bride Club members get access to me for just £16.99 per month! 

A small investment to

  • Streamline your wedding planning
  • Become the confident organised Bride I know you are
  • And join a community throughout your journey that could introduce you to lifelong bride club friends!


I’ll empower you with all the secret insider information, all you have to do is join! 

Although I know you’ll want to there is no obligation to commit, and if it really isn’t for you, get in contact and I will be more than happy to refund your first months fee should you decide its not for you.

At that price why wait, it's risk free!

I really can’t wait to meet you & start making those wedding dreams a reality!
Once you arrive, drop me a message, tell me about your plans and ideas. How can I support you?

A few questions we've been asked

Can we see more before joining?

Sign up for my free recorded session below if you are still not 100% sure. This video is already available in Bride Club, so if you would rather not wait you won’t miss out by going straight to signing up!

It is just for Brides at the very beginning of wedding planning?

Absolutely not! I cover topics for all aspects of planning from right at the very beginning to the wedding day itself. In fact, if you have already started planning its the perfect place to double check you do have everything covered!

My wedding is a long way away, should I join now or wait until closer?

Being a member of the Bride Club is the perfect companion to wedding planning. Each week you’ll be learning something new, when it comes to doing it yourself you’ll already be a pro! Equally, when your wedding is a long way off it can feel like you wedding excitement comes and goes. Being part of the club means you’ll always have something to look forward to!

How is it different to the content you put out on other platforms?

I can only go so far on free platforms. I only have a certain amount of time to record a video, there is very little interaction with the Brides I am helping, and I can’t always manage to give you the personal advice I wish I could.

The Bride club is a much smaller community. I talk to all the members regularly, you can submit questions or ask them live during our sessions, and the topic each week follows what the Brides most need.

For a small monthly fee you get so much and I am so proud to be able to offer this!

Not sure? Unlock 1 free session to your inbox!

Unlock 1 free session today!

But if you’d rather jump straight in you are very much welcome (and I don't blame you for being that excited either!) I look forward to chatting all about your wedding and and having you there at our very first session of many together. With Love Laura Beth x