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5 ways a wedding planner supports you

You’ve said I do, shared the news with friends and family. Drank the champagne and celebrated that you’re heading towards your new married life! Now its time to plan – and the idea of where to start may make you feel a little nervous! That’s where the experience of a wedding planner can be invaluable.

In the UK, I feel the role of a wedding planner is still a little mystery. With the ever-increasing popularity of DIY weddings and blank canvas venues, we might be becoming more important than ever. So today I  give you 5 insights into what a wedding planner can, and should do for you!

  1. The Budget

This is the MOST important stage of wedding planning. You can’t start your research or plan without it. A wedding planner will likely start the process with a consultation. During this chat we will dive into your mind, finding out what is really important to you. What you really don’t like. And realistically working out what you as a couple are comfortable to spend. We then take all this information and transform it into a working budget. Its so important to have these discussions right at the beginning of your journey – and a wedding planner will have lots of ways to help you get the most out of your budget.

  1. The Suppliers

There are so many suppliers out there – and if you have already started looking you may already be feeling a little confused. That’s where wedding planners can really help. Within that initial consultation we’ve got to know you pretty well. Your style, personalities & budget all play a huge part in choosing the right suppliers. Thankfully most planners have worked with a lot of suppliers – we can quickly work out which ones would be most suited to your day. Usually providing you with a small selection to make the final decision that little bit easier!

  1. The Schedule

This is often my most asked question – but how do we know how long things will take. Wedding planners just know! As a little hint.. If you head to my home page (laurabeth.co.uk). Subscribe to our email list and receive a free PDF download which includes this, plus a full wedding checklist to get you started!

  1. The Organisation

We take everything and ensure it not only happens, but it happens when you want it to, how you want it to, and in the style you expect it to. We are wedding guest herders (no one gets left behind), the tea makers (for the more elderly guests) and your personal assistant (think finding spare shoes and holding the bouquet). We ensure you get to spend the day how you want, with those who mean the most to you. You spend so much time talking to your planner in the lead up, on the day we are one of your most trusted friends.

  1. The Support System

Weddings are undeniable a stressful time. Families may not see eye to eye and you’ve got some tricky negotiations to make, to name a few. Sometimes you just need that person. Someone who understands from a personal & a professional view how hard this can be. And someone who can take on the blame and some of those more ‘awkward’ situations as well. We are there for you. And we always have your best interest at heart.

I hope that helps you understand the role a wedding planner can take throughout your wedding planning journey. We are not stiff, scary people, standing in the corner barking orders from our clipboards anymore! We are friends, supporters and professionals, who know just want it takes to create your perfect day.

With Love

Laura Beth x

Photo by Nick Murray

Laura Beth is a Welsh wedding planning & on the day coordination team who love to support couples throughout their journey. We are planners, organisers, friends, supporters, dreamers and doers.

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