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6 Steps to Rebuild Those Wedding Butterflies!

The lead up to your wedding day should be full of excitement… Its time to get some of that back and start looking forward! If you have had to postpone your Wedding, and you’ve been feeling a little down and uninspired – I really hope I can bring some of that joy and magic back to you!

Be kind to yourself and allow yourself some space to grieve…

Yes, this may sound a little heavy – but its ok to feel sad,  and allow yourself the time to do this. You had likely spent months, if not years building up to this day and hours of planning the finest details. Don’t feel guilty for feeling like this, acknowledge that you are not alone in this, One day in the not too distant future, you will still be getting married and saying your ‘I dos’.  Take some time out to relax & do things together as a couple that you love. Cook some great food, watch your favourite films, workout together or just go for nice walks. Enjoy just having each others company for a while and put wedding planning to one side for a few days.

Plan a celebration for your ‘would have been’ Wedding Day…

Don’t let it go by unnoticed. Have a Prosecco breakfast in bed and write love notes to one another to read out. Get dressed up for the day and invite your friends and family to share with you virtually. Order flowers from your florist, order cake in the same flavour and eat it all without having to share! Mix up some signature cocktails and play your first dance. Have fun swaying around the kitchen practising your moves. Do things that make you smile. Just think of it as having an extra date to celebrate!

Design some new ‘change of date’ invitations…

Sharing the news with everyone can start to make it feel real once more. Speak to your current stationery supplier and take a look online. There are some really awesome styles out there with great wording to help add joy to the situation.

Begin to re plan…

Don’t see this as a task to be repeated, see it as a chance to look at your wedding with fresh eyes. You’ve likely learnt a lot through the planning process. Are there things you would now change? Details you’ve been wanting to add but didn’t have the time – well, guess what.. you’ve been gifted all that extra time to now make your day even more perfect! Its not very often couples get this second opportunity after all.

Revisit your styling and design…

Its likely, unless you’ve have been really lucky and swapped your date for an exact match the following year, that your season has changed. If you had always imagined a Spring/Summer wedding, but our now looking at Autumn and Winter, this could be difficult to get your head around. Over on Pinterest I have started to pull together lots of inspiration to help you out. So spend sometime over there and see if you can find a few styles to inspire and excite.

Make post wedding plans…

There is still life after pandemics and weddings! Have something to look forward to and start to build that dream honeymoon! Where have you always wanted to go? Is there anything you’ve been dreaming of ticking off the bucket list?

Sending lots of love and Wedding Inspiration to you all,

Much Love

Laura Beth x

Laura Beth is a Welsh wedding planning & on the day coordination team who love to support couples throughout their journey. We are planners, organisers, friends, supporters, dreamers and doers.

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